Building Access

Your building is equipped with an access control system monitored by Kastle Systems. The perimeter doors and main entrance doors, located on Wisconsin Avenue, are locked from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM Monday through Friday and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Your employees may gain access to the building during security hours with their Kastle cards.

7550 Wisconsin Avenue is equipped with destination elevators, which are secured 24/7. Destination dispatch is a way of optimizing elevator travel to minimize wait and travel times. Passengers are grouped by their destinations so that people traveling to the same floor ride in the same elevator.

To access your floor, you must first scan your Kastle fob on the elevator card reader, located outside of the elevators, just under the panel with the elevator buttons. You will then press the floor of where you would like to go. Once the cab arrives and the doors open, you enter the cab and it will take you to your floor. There are not buttons inside the cab.

When traveling in a down direction, you may only exit at the lobby level, or B1 and the garage during business hours. Access to these floors between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM will require an access card/key fob.

Kastle Cards. Kastle cards are issued to you prior to your move-in. Additional cards should be ordered directly from Kastle. Those with a MyKastle account can add a visitor through It is very important that you keep track of those cards that are authorized for new employees and revoke any cards that are lost. Authorization and/or revocation of cards is performed by Kastle Systems. Contact Kastle System at 703.524.7911 and speak to the Card Administrator responsible for your building.  You may request a card listing for your firm at any time. Additional cards and suite alarm keys may be ordered from Kastle Systems by using the order forms provided or by visiting Kastle’s website, Please be sure to inform your Property Manager if any edits (add/delete) have been made to cards associated to your suite. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Kastle and security cards please have authorized personnel contact them at

Visitors and Special Admits. If you are expecting a visitor after-hours, you must make prior arrangements with Kastle to admit your visitor into the building. To arrange weekday admittance, Kastle may be contacted at 703.524.7911 before 5:00 PM on the day the guest will arrive. Weekend visitation must be arranged on Friday before 5:00 PM of the designated weekend.  When you call, tell Kastle you are calling to arrange a “special admit” and they will connect you with the appropriate department. Provide them with the visitor's name, the day the visitor is expected, the approximate time of arrival, permission for admittance, and your Kastle card number (for authorization). Those with a MyKastle account can add a visitor through Please also inform the security officer of any expected visitors by calling 202.207.3937.

If the visitor arrives at the building between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM, they should use the call button outside the main lobby’s rotating doors to gain admittance: depressing the push plate inside the receiver rings Kastle Systems directly. When Kastle answers, visitors should identify themselves and tell Kastle who they are visiting. If you have arranged for their admittance, their names will be on an “admit list” and Kastle will allow them immediate access to the building. Once the visitors are in the elevator, they must call Kastle again on the elevator phone and repeat the procedure as for the front door.